eNamingDomain Is Company’s Stock Symbol; Acquisition Protects Company’s Brand

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., October 26, 2015 — eNaming, a domain name brokerage and naming services provider, announced today that they have successfully brokered the purchase of GUID.com for California-based Guidance Software. GUID is the NASDAQ symbol for Guidance Software, makers of EnCase?, the gold standard for digital investigations and endpoint data security.

“Obtaining your stock symbol as a domain name is a smart move for any company,” said Tracy Fogarty, Founder and CEO of eNaming. She pointed out GoDaddy Inc.’s recent purchase of GDDY.com, the technology provider’s stock symbol. GDDY.com takes visitors directly to the company’s Investor Relations page, instead of having to maneuver through links on GoDaddy.com.

More high-quality and short dot-com domain names are being acquired by brands every year. The sale of GUID.com represents another example of the way that companies can use multiple domain names for their brand. It is also a lesson in defensive domain name registration.

“Brand protection is a very big part of building a company,” explained Ms. Fogarty. “Imagine someone operating a competitor’s site on your stock symbol name.”

eNaming works with clients worldwide to help acquire and divest naming assets including premium domain names. Since launching in April 2015, eNaming has participated in the sale of more than USD $4,000,000 of domain names, including: MGTV.com, Draftboard.com, 458.com, OLife.com, 95.net and QE.com. eNaming also represents such super-premium domain names as Button.com, Cowboys.com, Soho.com, Atlas.com and Journey.com.

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About eNaming:?eNaming assists buyers and sellers of premium domain names to acquire or divest their naming assets. The company specializes in domain names sales, Stealth Domain Name Acquisitions, joint ventures, domain name lease agreements, domain financing, and other types of transaction-oriented work.

About Tracy Fogarty:

With more than 20 years in the brokerage business, Tracy Fogarty has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals on both sides of the negotiation table. A 2014 and 2015 Nominee for Domain Broker of the Year, Tracy Fogarty helps domain owners divest and acquire premium naming assets, empowering brand owners to give their brands a louder voice, bolder presence, and strong searchability on the Web and beyond.

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Tracy Fogarty

Founder & CEO at eNaming
With over 20 years in the brokerage business, Tracy Fogarty has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals on both sides of the negotiation table. Creative and result oriented professional, Ms. Fogarty strives on honest communication, value proposition, the big picture perspective, and bottom-line profitability.